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Healthcare Solutions

Janice Markham interviews Don Schroeder, PhD, and we see the film he directed, "The Health Care Solution: California's One Care" produced by the organization, Health Care for All - California. Mr. Schroeder discusses the crucial need for Universal Healthcare and what can be done remedy the health care crisis in California.

See the DVD, The Healthcare Solution: California OneCare
Produced by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Don Schroeder, this educational DVD is now available for immediate shipment and includes easy steps for your own House Party fund-raiser events. This 22 minute video explains why our healthcare system is in crisis and how to solve it: A plan that would provide comprehensive health coverage for everyone while savings money for families, businesses, and government.
Each DVD comes with an organizing packet that includes an Outline of the Video, a list of Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about this single payer healthcare plan, a "Tell Your Healthcare Story" form, and information about how to join the OneCareNow movement.

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