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March 20, 2009

Rush a Joke

by Janice Markham
Pasadena Star-News 3/20/09

I must respond to the recent column by Cal Thomas (Cal Thomas, "Republicans have forgotten who they are," March 10):

The first item that seems to rank Thomas' point of view obsolete is his describing Rush Limbaugh's show as "educational and inspirational to conservatives and anyone else interested in substance, rather than emotion."

These days it is not just moderate Republicans who wish that Rush would just fade away. He has become the official conservative national joke. Does Rush think that in this social and economic climate people appreciate his hope that our president will fail?

Then Thomas attempts to criticize Obama and the Democrats for their lack of bipartisanship. You know, like that bipartisanship we saw during the Bush Reign of Error?

Here's the thing, Cal: During the 2006 election, the Democrats opposed the Republican agenda, and this resulted in an overwhelming victory. The 2008 presidential election proved the same: Change won out over the continuation of failed Republican policies.

So, Cal, why should Democrats adopt any part of the Republican platform for the sake of "bipartisanship"?

Sure, all points of view should be on the table. However, policies should be implemented solely on what is best for the country, not because there is pressure to include ideas or legislation that have proved to be ill-conceived and unsuccessful.

Pasadena Star-News 3/20/09