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Electronic Voting Machines - Can We Trust Them?

State Senator Debra Bowen and Janice Markham discuss the current controversy regarding the accuracy of electronic voting machines, and the fight for fair elections.

Debra Bowen was inaugurated as California's 30th Secretary of State on Monday, January 8th at 2pm. Ever since she was first elected to the State Legislature in 1992, Debra Bowen has been a pioneer in government reform, consumer protection and privacy rights, environmental conservation, and open government. She also is a leading women's advocate, fighting for equality in the workplace and in government, child care, health care and civil rights.

Bowen has earned attention in the media throughout the state as an effective and independent voice for reform, open government and consumer advocacy. She has declined to accept gifts since taking office, was the first California lawmaker to be accessible through her own state e-mail address (1993), was the first California lawmaker to put up her own government web page (1995), and the first California lawmaker to put her campaign finance reports on the web (August 1995).